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"We love making music and are not marketing experts. We have successfully used Traxfly for some time and have been able to increase our social media following and engagement. This combined with other Traxfly tools has resulted in increased Spotify followers and listeners. After running a six month test that included other Traxfly strategies available to us, our band's steaming revenues has enabled us to use these funds to further grow our fan base."

Javier Villaseñor

Los Villanos Blues Band

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Plan, create and schedule your social media content for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter from a single platform. Our platform allows you to keep your brand alive 24 hours a day through automated posting and message engagement.

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Manage messages, view streams & measure your engagement.

With our inbox you can communicate through your social channels from one central location, making missed messages a thing of the past. You can also proactively monitor activity across all your social platforms and engage with your fans.

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