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Traxfly Spotify Playlist Exchange

Traxfly Exchange is a free program that enables you to trade tracks with other Spotify users in the exchange. Help develop this tool for musicians and artists supporting each other.

The Traxfly Spotify Playlist Exchange is a free tool for artists and musicians to cross promote their music on Spotify playlists.

The Exchange is open to anyone - no matter where you distribute your music.

The objective is for musicians to help cross promote each others music and create exposure on Spotify.

How Does It Work?

Simple - for every track from the member's library that you feature on one of your own playlists you receive one credit to add your own track to the exchange library.


1. A Premium Spotify account is required to particiapte in the Playlist Exchange.

2. Select one of the tracks from the exchange and add it your playlist. This step will earn you one credit.

3. Now that you have earned your first credit, you can add your own track to the exchange making it available to other members to include in their playlists.

4. You can also participate in our Spotify Follower Exchange to earn additional credits.

Need Help?

The exchange is currently in Beta and we appreciate your feedback. If something is not working right, you have suggestions or need help, drop us a line.