Like most industries, the music industry has undergone dramatic changes not only because of the pandemic but also primarily because of technological and consumer behavior changes. As a result, it's difficult for musicians and record labels to build a successful business model. One word can sum up the issue: FREE. There is no shortage of ways for fans to get their favorite tunes without paying a dime. To survive, artists have had to get creative with marketing and distribution models. They need to maintain control of what's happening with their content at all times.

While streaming platforms have created a revenue stream for artists, the margins are tiny. Therefore, it is imperative to control the distribution and revenues of an artist's primary asset - the music!

This is where catalog management comes in. At Traxfly, we assign a real person to each catalog and constantly monitor the financial performance with economic models explicitly designed to help the artist.

Why? Traxfly was created by a collective of independent record labels and independent artists looking for a solution that provided more ownership and direct involvement in managing their digital assets.

One of the overriding challenges we found was that independents have limited knowledge or time to dedicate to this.

We have examined the financial results of many artists and labels and repeatedly found that money was left on the table for many reasons. Still, the big one was a simple calculation of revenues vs. costs.

The other one - is not realizing that music is an asset with a long-term value, just like your investment portfolio.

Do we have all the solutions? Probably not, but you are dealing with real people listening to you and constantly researching new options and opportunities.

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