Traxfly Launches Spotify Playlist Exchange Beta

Traxfly Exchange is a free program that enables you to trade tracks with other Spotify users in the exchange. The beta version just launched last week, so get in on the ground floor and help develop this tool for musicians and artists supporting each other.


One of the significant challenges independent musicians and artists face is increasing their presence and, obviously, streams on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Being featured on even a modestly followed playlist can expose your music to countless listeners and open up new opportunities for you. Of course, there are exceptions, but many playlist curators tend to adopt a music-first policy when deciding what to feature. This makes it much easier for small artists who make music that playlist curators want to hear.

Paying for playlist placements is not a viable option because most of these services use bots and will result in you actually being banned by streaming platforms.
Instead, a great tool is having your song featured on a playlist curated by humans. Who would be a better curator than yourself being a musician? Exactly!
At Traxfly, we listened to users' feedback and developed an exchange that features user-curated playlists.

Members of the exchange agree to add and curate their own playlists, and for each track from the exchange they feature on these lists will earn a credit to submit a track for inclusion and selection in the exchange.

Learn more about the exchange here.

The exchange is currently in Beta, and we appreciate your feedback. If something is not working right, you have suggestions, or need help, drop us a line here.